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Bone-Art Class Series - starting October 9th!

About the workshop: It is about seeing, by drawing the bones ie: femur, clavicle, foot, pelvis etc., you connect what you see and translate that into drawing and thereby embodying the bone and it's relationship with the whole of you. In the act of looking, what do you see and how can you draw it, staying with yourself, using the Alexander Technique principles of Awareness, Inhibition and Direction.

I will be putting 'thinking hands'-on to support each person while drawing, to interrupt eye and neck straining habits, and individual turns of chair work to begin.

I am combining my experiential, anatomy, art and Alexander Technique practices together to create a unique communal experience!  I hope you'll join us in the spirit of playfulness and an openness to learning new things about yourself!

All drawing supplies are included and provided.​ 

These fall classes are held in my studio in the East Village, which holds 4 students comfortably and saves you on paying for another studio's rental fee!


NO where else can you get Alexander Technique hands-on, art and anatomy for an hour and a half!! :)


What will this do for me?

It is meant to give you an experiential means to deeply embody your own bones and your seeing, whether you have had an Alexander Technique experience or not or are interested in anatomy, art or mindfulness for your personal process. If you have tension in your body and stress, this can bring relief and a skill to take away.

An example of the student's perception of the ribs. (By permission of the artist: Ashley Taylor)

What if don't know how to draw?

As one of my student's noted after the workshop: "I signed up for Cate's six workshops even though I have no skills in drawing. It was very gratifying to be able to draw the bones; much easier than I expected. The workshop combined various activities that kept me engaged with Cate's seamless transition between the activities. Cate's hands-on work came in perfect timing throughout the session. Because of the work, I felt more connected to my femurs, knowing exactly where they were - a new kinesthetic experience!" - M. Al-Kazemi


BONE-ART Single Class

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An hour and a half class of applying the Alexander Technique principles while drawing the bones of the skeleton. This embodying activity improves your postural use while unlearning old habits of tension while concentrating. Staying connected to yourself during an activity affects the outcome of the action - the thigh bone is connected to the pelvic bone, the pelvic bone to you! 

All Wednesdays -- pop in's now available $35 per single class


9 Class dates:  

October 9,16,23 (passed)

November 6,13,20,27

December 11, 18




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Spine and Spirit Workshop

This workshop was specifically designed for a yoga studio that focuses on healing one's scoliosis.

Spine and Spirit Workshop

This workshop was specially designed for a yoga studio that focuses on back pain and addressing scoliosis.

I combine techniques that I personally used to unwind my scoliosis, the Alexander Technique and introduced a philosophy of how the spine and spirit interface.


Yoga Studio or Mindfulness class

I can craft a class or workshop to suit your community or organization's needs.



I offer unique classes you won't find anywhere else!

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