What are the Benefits of The Alexander Technique?


​​* Increased range of movement and resting length of muscle tissue. Overall tone and coordination.

* Improved balance

* Abatement of tension and pain.

* Increased lightness in the body-mind, a feeling of wellbeing and an open attitude to life.

* Improved ease of the breathing mechanism.

* Expanded awareness of the environment and how one moves in it, responding with increased choice to the many stimuli we are faced with constantly.

* Increased familiarity with triggers in oneself that bring an unwanted reaction to something or someone. 

* Improved ability to withhold a reaction, to give oneself the time to control one's habitual reaction, to make a choice to respond by the continued practice of the principles.

* Lengthened spine and widened back, healing spinal patterns that affect the whole body pattern.

* Develop skills to take away and use everyday in any activity. 

* Develop skills of self-care and awareness that put YOU back in the drivers seat.

The Listening Body's Alexander Technique guided 'Lie Down' audio - Winter Special: $25


Taking 20 minutes to have a ‘lie down’ is the best way to get a lot done. That’s because self-care leads to productivity and fulfillment.

I advise all my students to practice the 'lie down' between lessons. They start with this guided audio—it helps them delve deeper into bad habits and support new thinking. It renews energy and guides the transition into positive behavior.

If you're not able to have individual lessons, or don't have an Alexander Technique teacher in your area, use this as an introduction to practicing the principles. 

Bad habits have a way of reasserting themselves.  This 'lie down' practice chases away the tensions and fears that usually bring them back.

We all want change—but it takes time and effort. It’s an ongoing process that reveals, layer by layer, the real you. 

And you are definitely worth finding.  

"They won't try and get out of the chair unless they feel they have that something that will get them out of the chair! That something is their habit". ~ F.M. Alexander


In the process of the lessons, you see how your physical habits and pains are tied to your thinking and visa-versa. We re-map the body to the mind, so your kinesthesia is renewed to this present moment, now, letting go of old pains and outdated thoughts and perceptions. The result is an ever increasing easeful and erect posture and open mind.

A whole new world opens up to you! 

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