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Cate's Alexander Technique guided 'Lie Down' audio

20 minute Guided 'Lie Down' & 5 minute Instructions


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Cate's guided Alexander Technique "Lie Down" audio  ​​​

Are you exhausted at the end of the workday and want to relax, but don't know what self-care technique to do? In 20 minutes you could feel more relaxed, centered and restored to enjoy your evening activities! 

This simple guided 'Lie Down' audio will lead you through the 3 principles of the Alexander Technique. Doing the 'lie down' regularly, deepens your understanding of the principles and increases the benefits of the private lessons. And if you live somewhere that doesn't have an AT teacher, this can hold you over, until you come to NYC to come have a lesson with me!

Five minute directions included!

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What some people are sharing already..... 

"Cate, thank you. This is so helpful to have the guided lie down to keep me focused. Also, your voice is so beautiful." ~MET, NYC

"I adore it!" It's phenomenal!" ~Lindsey Vestal, @Functional Pelvis, NYC​​

"The 'lie down' is good practice with the moving the arms and legs, and it's nice to lie down and have it all done for me."  ~Brooks B., NYC